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We build world-class 1911 pistols made by Americans for the Republic. Our pistols are truly made in the USA, by hand, with American-made parts, one gun at a time, not by ten assembly line workers.

Republic Forge pistols are not built for beginners. They are built for shooters.

We get our hands dirty every day, making a custom pistol for you that gives you the thrill of a lifetime when you’re shooting it.

We put a lot of rounds through each gun to make sure everything functions properly. We include a target from this first test firing to show you the incredible accuracy of our 1911s.

This is our personal touch of confidence to prove that we stand behind every gun we make. Our pistols deliver a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and custom craftsmanship.

Republic Forge 1911

10 mm
Long Slide

Color Case

Color Case Republic with Integral RMR

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Ballistic Magazine features Bobby Tyler &  Republic Forge
Ballistic Magazine features Bobby Tyler & Republic Forge

The April/May 2019 issue of Ballistic Magazine features Bobby Tyler’s color casing work on Republic Forge 1911s. Click here to pickup your copy today.  

Gunblast’s visit with Republic Forge
Gunblast’s visit with Republic Forge

  Jeff Quinn from Gunblast.com visits Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona, and shoots an exquisite 10mm 1911 semi-auto pistol made by Republic Forge in Albuquerque, NM.

Our Gallery

  • DP001
  • RO431 Long Slide Recon 9mm
  • RO431 Long Slide Recon 9mm
  • 1911 Longslide in Barrett Bronze
    1911 Longslide Barret Bronze
  • DP003
  • DP004
  • DP005
  • DP006
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  • 20180210_011431
  • DSC_0045
  • 20180205_162008
  • 20180221_173214
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